Don't be shy, show to the word your beautiful naked body.

Would recognize your pair anywhere . Either is fine by me. I'd guess that no lines would demonstrate a bit of adventure on your part.Yummy.

Well now. I see the left nipple seems to have been denied the sun, but the rich one's been playing peek-a-boo. I think you should let them both out to play and keep them the same colour all over. I can come and rub in my own factor 30, it's so full of vitamin E…. Either, though tan lines do nicely frame beautiful breasts. Looks to me like your nipples might have been peeking out of your bathing suit while you were in the sun. Sorry I missed seeing that. I don't suppose you have a picture? Mmmm.Beautiful! Both ways can be so sexy. Tan lines accentuate the white bits, very sexy. The complete tan shows total freedom with no inhibitions, also very sexy. Either way, you are very sexy! I prefer your boobs naked, but as far as tan lines are concerned, I think tan lines are nice, but women who tan topless in public are so f'in sexy to watch! Lets take a vote who wants to see you naked with tanlines or you naked without tanlines.Hell its a win win .If you need help with any lotion let me know.