Don't be shy, show to the word your beautiful naked body.

I say we turn up the heat a bit and you stay naked, instead of wearing that huge robe. What do you think?

"OK", VERY pretty,but he can even buy you underwear,"and your gonna stay?" He can't love you like I'm going to? Heaven help you if can't stay on two feet,swear to god I'll prove it! Beautiful body, I'd love to get wrapped up in that robe with you, naked bodies pressing against each other, you'd feel my cock grow and swell between your sexy thighs. If you could see me you would think me flashing as well. Actually i'm stroking my cock and looking /lusting at the same time wishing i were there. That's the way to start the day! I love the smile and that sexy body! I hope we'll get to see a lot more flashes! SO SEXY! Love admiring you while slow stroking. Wish you could watch how hard you'll be making me squirt! :)